asked questions

What do I need to configure in SAP® to take advantage of your solutions?

Our base software leverages standard SAP® functionality and require no changes to your SAP® system.

What do I need to install on my mobile phone, tablet or desktop to start approving?

Nothing, Our approval solutions are 100% web based.

What mobile phones do you support?

We support most modern mobile device with a browser including the iPhone, iPad, Android, HTC, Kindle Fire, Nokia, Blackberry, Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer and Windows Mobile smart phones. For the complete list of offically supported platforms please click here. If your company uses a different device please contact us and we will look at supporting your model.

What version of SAP® are you compatible with?

  • ExpressPO / ExpressPR - 4.0B onwards
  • Express SRM Approval - SRM 4.0 onwards
  • All other solutions - 4.7 onwards

How long does it take to setup your solutions?

Minutes. We normally book a 30 minute online meeting to install and train you on using our software. This assistance is a free service.

Does your software bypass the authorisation we have already configured in SAP®?

Never. Without the appropriate authority in SAP® you cannot approve requests using our solutions.

What SAP authentication methods do you support when a user performs an approval?

Do we install your software internally or is it hosted?

We provide both either option so you options so your can decide what best suits your organisation. Please contact us to discuss in more detail.

How do you integrate with SAP®?

We use the SAP® .Net Connector to communicate with SAP. The SAP .Net Connector was released by SAP® to allow external programs to talk safely and securely to SAP®. You can read more about the SAP® .Net Connector at SAP.

Do I need SAP® Workflow to use your solutions?

Two of our solutions require ®SAP workflow - ExpressApproval and Express SRM Approval. All other solutions leverage your standard SAP® release strategies and are completely independent of SAP workflow.

Where do I go to get assistance or answers to additional questions?

Please contact us and we assists you with any questions or issues.