SAP approvals
in the cloud

With our cloud partner Amazon we offer the option to host our SAP approval solutions on your behalf securely in your own private cloud environment.

Our secure and accessible 'software as a service' offering empowers customers to add values to their business immediately without the burden of supporting another IT system. Our hosting solution is a fully managed offering that covers setup and ongoing support that will provide peace of mind while you focus on your core business.

Key Benefits

  • Globally accessible. Your managers can approve from anywhere via phone, tablets or desktop browsers without connectivety issues to your corporate network.
  • Fully managed. 10sec’s fully manage the infrastructure, upgrades, backups, monitoring etc on your behalf.
  • Reduced cost. Pay as you go model without the traditional large upfront costs.
  • More secure. A single centralised secure communication point to your SAP system.
  • No delays. Can be setup immediately.
  • Lower risk. Faster implementations and outsourced expertise dramatically lower risk.

How it works

Cloud Hosting
  • Creation We create your own dedicated virtual private cloud (VPC) with one instance (Win2008 SP2) securely running within it. We create this environment at the amazon data centre that is closest to your main user base.
  • Setup Within this secure environment we install our ssl certificate and web based SAP approval software which is an application running in IIS (under ssl).
  • Connectivity Our software requires access to your SAP system via a secure IPSEC VPN tunnel. We configure this in unison with your IT team.
  • Data protection Your business data is ever persisted in the virtual private cloud.
  • Access The customer will access approvals from anywhere via their own sub domain URL e.g.
  • Peace of mind 10sec’s manage backups, upgrades, patching and monitoring.

Additional Information

Please find below links to additional information regarding Amazon’s virtual private cloud:

Cloud Hosting

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